A friend of mine is (slowly) renovating an old VW camper van.  It’s quite rare, apparently, to find an original radio that still works, so it’s fairly common to buy a non-working example from one of the various internet sources and use it to fill the gap in the dashboard where the radio should go.  Hence, a “dashfiller”.

This one is slightly the wrong vintage for the intended ‘van, so it’s going to be up for sale soon.

Accidental sky

It’s a bit disheartening sometimes, this photography lark.  You head out with the intention of getting a few nice pictures (the light’s nice, you’re going somewhere photogenic, or at least where’s there’s some ‘stuff’ to point the lens at), and end up with a memory card full of ‘meh’.

And then, you distinctly remember accidentally pushing the shutter button as you’re hurrying along after your family, and get a rather dramatic picture of the silhouetted trees against the deep blue winter sky.  Ho hum.  Here it is, anyway.



Wandering around Howletts on a largely sun and animal-less day, you tend to look around for other subjects.  Here’s one.IMG_7430

Javan Langurs at Howletts

The weather was terrible when we went to Howletts the other day, so most of the animals were exhibiting slightly more intelligence than us and staying indoors.  In general, this makes for a pretty dull walk around a bunch of seemingly very empty enclosures, but there are a couple of animals that don’t mind having slack-jawed visitors staring into their bedrooms.  The Javan Langurs are one such creature and, more than that, they don’t seem to mind having a camera stuck in their faces.




(Canon EOS 550D & EF-S 17-85mm)



Looking up


A slightly less than flattering day to be taking pictures of the town’s newest attraction.  The boys seemed to enjoy it though.


Looking down


Sometimes you just have to look at your feet to see something vaguely interesting.  The boards of the pier, looking slightly worn and battered after years of service.