When 2 Screens Just Aren’t Enough…

When 2 Screens Just Aren’t Enough…

At work I generally use a laptop with an external monitor. This is usually fine; email / specs / documentation on the laptop screen and my dev tool on the external monitor. Sometimes, though, that just won’t do.

To get round this, I snaffled a spare monitor from a recently departed contractor’s desk, and got myself a USB-to-SVGA adapter from Amazon – this one, actually:

Max Value High Resolution USB 2.0 to Widescreen SVGA Adapter (MV42432)

Whilst it’s never going to be mistaken for a ‘real’ graphics card, it does an OK kind of job on largely static things. You can definitely tell it’s a little plastic box though – updates are a bit jumpy, and if you’re a quick enough typist you’ll actually ‘feel’ the delay. But, it does the job I got it for perfectly; I can look at big complex specs on one monitor, and make them into real breathing code on the other.

7/10. Or maybe 8 if you really don’t want what you’re displaying to move, ever. 2 if you want it for watching videos (tip: you don’t).

3 thoughts on “When 2 Screens Just Aren’t Enough…

  1. Excellent brew action shot. However the photgrapher needs shooting for lighting.

    Surely the limiting factor and fail is the laptop?

    Getting by here with dual support and 4 desktops for these two screens.

    A place for everything, adn everything a place. We get those nice task bars on each with specific per screen aps. Different sized screens there though – isnt that a little hateful… not to mention colour balance differences?

  2. Nah, the external screens are the same size (I even swapped my newer monitor out for a(nother) colleague’s older one so that I have the same make/model). The smaller one there is the laptop. Apart from getting externals to match that titchy size (the point is WAY over there :)) I’m not sure what I can do about that 🙂

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