Coloured Sun

The light streaming through the stained glass window in one of the tiny chapel rooms at Dover Castle.


In the same month, we bought a VW Passat and joined English Heritage.  I think that makes me old…

Passat’ll Do

I’ve blogged about the new beast over at, but I thought it deserved an entry here too.

It’s a 2012 2.0 TDi VW Passat with DSG Gearbox (with flappy paddles) and about 140bhp.  It has acres of space in the back, and folding back seats – a revelation after the A4.  It has automatic gears, cruise control, automatic handbrake (controlled by the ABS sensors, I believe), automatic lights and automatic wipers.  I just need to be there to point it, really, although I’m pretty sure it could do that itself too if I found the right switch…


I like it a lot, but I do now have a hankering for something else…  Something small, red, rear wheel drive and supercharged, maybe… 😉

Corroborating Evidence

More evidence of Spring.

(Taken the same day as the previous one.  We seem to have missed Summer altogether, had a couple of days of Autumn, and headed straight back into Winter now…)