Strava just gave me my first achievement – the 40km MTS badge – which was jolly nice of it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 23.43.29

I’m just slightly below the median in the Strava rankings for this month (53% of people have run further than me so far this month), and a full 588km behind the leader, but it’s not about that.  The thing I like about Strava is that I can go back through my runs and see how I’m improving.  At the end of August I was walking more than I was running, averaging nearly 14 minutes a mile, and feeling like my legs were about to fall off when I got back.  Now, I’m still on the ‘run-a-bit / walk-a-bit’ training programme, but I’m only walking 2 minutes out of every 9 and averaging just over 10 minute miles.

I think I’ve got 6 more runs in me this month, so I should get up to about 70km.  Then October starts, and I try to beat it…


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  1. And I see that you’ve started logging your walks. Where will it end? “Got up from desk and went for a cup of coffee – 0.05 km”. 😉

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