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Month: October 2014

Ahead of schedule

Ahead of schedule

Last time, I said my target for the next couple of weeks was to be able to run the whole way round my usual 5km route. Well, I sort of did it a couple of weeks early, look:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 00.25.36

OK, so it’s not quick by any means, but it was running all the way (in some pretty horrible sideways-rain weather too, I may add).

On to the 10km plan proper now…

End of plan 1

End of plan 1

I’m one run away from finishing the BUPA 5km Training Plan (pdf), which is somewhat surprising in itself.  I drifted from the plan slightly, and did 7 runs every 2 weeks, aiming for every other day rather than 3 every week.  I also had most of a week off due to work and a bit of a cold 1 so I’m fairly pleased to have completed the 8 week plan in about 8 weeks.

In those 8 weeks, I’ve gone from running for a minute at a time, with 2 minutes of rest in between (“a good walk ruined” 2) to running for 15 minutes at a time with a couple of minutes rest in between.  I’ve even experienced one or two of ‘those’ moments, where everything seems to be going well and you can run faster and faster (it’s all relative).

I think one of the most encouraging results of this first foray into running is that my asthma has behaved itself.  I’ve gone out when feeling a bit chesty and didn’t deteriorate into a sweaty, wheezy wreck (just a sweaty wreck).  That’s good since I’ve certainly used ‘feeling a bit chesty’ as an excuse to not do things in the past.

And now it’s on to the 10km plan (pdf).

The main aim for the next couple of weeks is to be able to get round one of my normal 5km routes without any walking (due after another 2 weeks).  I think that’s doable; here goes!


1 I sneezed a couple of times.

2 No no, that’s golf.