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Month: July 2007

The Expectant Father

The Expectant Father

HUGE congratulations to Ian and Alex on the birth of their baby boy, Peter Joseph, who arrived Tuesday evening.

The news quickly demonstrated the difference between men and women. Whilst I was making jokes about father and son’s similar hairlines, Mary was asking all the right questions (9:42pm, 7lb 9oz).

The official news is over at Ian’s site – which surely must be due a name change now?

We’re in!

We’re in!

Ok, so here we are all moved in and stuff. Blog activity has fallen slightly as we’re still waiting to have our phone line ‘provided’ by BT, so I only have interweb access at work and through the s-l-o-o-o-w connection through my phone (although Opera Mini on my K800i is actually surprisingly useful, in small doses).

After all the faffing around in the run up to the move, the day itself went very, very smoothly. Our removal men turned up at about ten past eight, and had the truck all loaded up by midday. I pointed them towards the nearest café for lunch, whilst I hung around waiting for the call from our solicitor saying that the money had gone through. That call came at about 12:30, and I had the keys to our new house in my hand very shortly after.

By 4pm, the removal guys had unloaded the truck and gone on their merry way, and Mary and I were left with a whole new house to play with.

I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. I walk round the place trying not to make a mess, as if I’ve got to keep it tidy for the ‘real’ owners. We need a few bits and pieces so that we can unpack properly (bookcases mainly… Ikea here we come), and I’m sure that once we have our stuff dotted around the place, and a few less boxes, it will start to feel like home.

It occurs to me that I’ve not actually moved house that much in my life; 4 times in total, but twice I actually remember. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to feel 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures of the day…



Roll up, roll up. Get your oversized, obsolete electronics here! My lovely 19″ Sony Monitor is up for grabs on eBay, currently sitting at a bid of 1 penny. You have just over a day to get your bids in, otherwise this national treasure will be lost forever, likely to be taken into a private collection.

Go on, go and bid!


EDIT: Sorry, you’ve missed your chance. My first eBay sale went perfectly smoothly, and disappointingly I didn’t even get a request to post it to Nigeria…

(Alright, it sold for a penny. You can laugh now.)

Go go go

Go go go

Just 63 days after submitting our offer on the house, we finally exchanged contracts yesterday, with a completion date of next Tuesday.  Now this may sound like a long time to get to point of exchange, but you do have to allow for those professionals with long lunch breaks (the longest being 4-and-a-half hours, with not a jot of exaggeration), and lost mortgage applications (a week with 3 branches of the same building society pointing their fingers at each other).

Now we just have the small matter of packing up our entire life and stuffing it into the back of a van…

And sorting out all the utilities.  And insurance.  And Sky (don’t forget Sky!).

Meanwhile, work projects are running late, sports days are happening, heavy metal concerts are being attended (more on that next week) and Mrs H is doing a sterling job at keeping her boys and girls (both in school and at home) in line.