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Month: July 2006

End of a saga

End of a saga

Due to a kind of automated in-built aversion to admitting I might have got something wrong, I’ve kind of kept my tales of Audi woe away from this blog.  After about 6 months of continual ‘little quirks’, though, the saga is finally over.  I swapped my 2002 A4 2.0 FSI SE for a 2002 A4 2.0 Sport 2 weeks ago and, touch wood, things seem to be going OK.  The fabled warning light flashes on during the ignition self-test (so no, they haven’t disconnected it…) but hasn’t made any further appearances.  I’ve driven about 600 miles since I got it, and haven’t been stranded at the side of road once, so that’s an improvement too.

For those of you that like pretty pictures, I’ve gone from something that looked very much like this:

Old Audi

…to something that looks very much like this:

New Audi

(different wheels, lower suspension)

Now for the review-type bit.  The different engine (non-FSI) is supposed to be less powerful, but I don’t really notice – obviously both engines are capable of way more than the national speed limit, so it’s hard to tell (officer).  I do notice that you don’t get the lump of power at about 3,500rpm in the non-FSI, but I always thought that was the FSI holding back on the lower revs rather than giving more power later.  The ‘sports’ suspension is a big plus – steering feels much more direct, although I think I am getting to know all of Kent’s shoddy roads…  All in all, I’m happy with the new car, and I’m glad I went through all the hassle of getting it changed.  Let’s hope it lasts 🙂



I had to go to a meeting in Hemel yesterday. Our building is quite close to the Buncefield Oil Depot, the place that blew up last December. I drove back through the neighbouring industrial estate, and was quite shocked by what I saw; signs saying “CAUTION DEBRIS AND UNSTABLE BUILDINGS”, half demolished buildings, and ruined cars. It looks like a warzone.

...half demolished buildings... ...ruined cars.

In other news, I’ve just installed a new ADSL modem/router, which should improve the availability of this server. (OK, the real reason is that the patchy connectivity was giving me problems playing PGR3, so I had to get it fixed! 🙂 )