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Month: March 2006

Hello again

Hello again

Yep, I’m back, and this time I mean business. Or something…

It’s been a while, mostly due to the fact that blogging without comments is no fun, (thanks, spammers), but I’m sure everyone who knows Mary and me will understand a certain reluctance to share thoughts in the past month or two.

Work is interesting at the moment (as in that old curse: ‘may you live in interesting times’). Gist’s parent company, BOC, has all-but been bought by the German company Linde. The rumour mills are running at full speed, but the clever money is on Gist and BOC’s other ‘sidelines’ being sold off pretty soon after the deal goes through. Where that will leave Gist’s faithful servants remains to be seen, but everyone is understandably a bit fidgety.

Down at the coal-face though, things are actually pretty good. The project we’ve been working on for what seems like years (but is actually only a few months) is starting to come together, with files being processed, databases being updated, MQSeries messages flying around and being responded to, and all that good stuff. Our second iteration goes into system test tomorrow, whilst us code monkies start applying spit and polish for the third and final iteration. The interesting thing about this project is that we’ve had the time and freedom to actually think about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. The upshot is that we have a much better development environment, with a new tool (BEA WebLogic Workshop) and new processes (including a proper automated build using Ant, JUnit and CruiseControl). It’s all good fun, and, for the moment, everything seems to be hanging together. Obviously it’ll all come crashing down round our ears any time now, but it was nice whilst it lasted 🙂

Finally, my last bit of news is something that hopefully will have otherwise passed you by. I’ve moved my site from Movable Type to WordPress. Hopefully this means we’ll have less of that Comment Spam rubbish, and more uptime all round. The behind-the-scenes stuff is substantially different (and quite refreshing after MT), but hopefully you interweb peeps won’t notice much difference – except for the missing ‘Older Stuff’ link, I’ll reinstate that just as soon as I figure out how…

[Edit – oh look, there it is!]