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Month: January 2006

Comment spam = No comments

Comment spam = No comments

Ok – I realise blogs about blogs must be one of the most boring things on the planet (ranking somewhere near ‘Sarbanes Oxley Documentation’), but here’s another one.

Comments are completely disabled on this server now, thanks to the complete and utter retard who bombarded one of the blogs with over 2000 comments today. If you feel a huge need to comment on something I’ve said here, then mail me, and I’ll do it from this end. Otherwise, the script that used to handle comments will just give you a 403 Forbidden message.

To the guys that use this server to host their blogs: I’ll shortly be looking into upgrading the Blog software we use. Apologies for cutting comments dead like this, but I decided that comment-less blogs were better than no blog at all.

Now, a couple of comments to the spammers…

  • The site your were spamming has actually slipped into non-existance, so your fake-links wouldn’t have been crawled by Google, and your sodding gambling sites wouldn’t have got any benefit.
  • If the site was still active, what’s the point of bombarding the server with so many comments so as to make it incapable of servicing any other requests – you know, like the ones from the search engines’ bots?
  • MovableType has long since plugged the hole you were trying to exploit anyway. MT comments DO NOT include direct links. They DO NOT increase Google PageRank.

…and breathe…

Greebo is still here

Greebo is still here

Reports of Greebo’s death are very much exaggerated – he is live and well, and has been for the last 67 days, 14 hours and 24 minutes (at the time of writing). There does, however, seem to be an ongoing issue with my router, which seems to forget that it has port redirection rules set up now and again. This means that the webserver is up and running, the router is connected to the internet, but you people out there in the big bad world can’t connect to the webserver (“win-win” I hear you cry – shuddup)

Well, I’ve gone on a fact-finding mission, put a small workaround in place, and I may upgrade the firmware on the router at some point. Hopefully we’ll have no more disappearing Greebo.

In other news, the car has been faultless for over a week now. Woohoo! 🙂

New Car Blues

New Car Blues

My track record with cars seems to be safely intact.

For the record, I crashed my first car after owning it for about 36 hours. It was completely my fault, and after being told that most people make the same driving mistakes over and over again, I’m now quite careful when turning left onto a main road. Especially if it’s at a 5-way junction, and especially if there are Fiestas in the way. When I got my second car, I had a slight fracas with an Escort after about a day, and had to replace the driver side wing mirror. I’m not sure if that was entirely my fault, but I’m willing to take at least half the blame.

Well, I picked up my 3rd car last Wednesday, a nice shiny 3 year-old Audi A4.

And it broke down on Thursday night. Fantastic. The engine cut out in the outside lane of the Thanet Way. I brought the car to a stop at the first sensible place, and called the cavalry. The nice man from the RAC turned up an hour later, and, since the local Audi dealer were closed by that time, towed me and my stricken car home (all of 1.2 miles, fact-fans). In the morning, Audi dispatched a ‘skilled technician’ who had me up and running again in a few minutes. An ignition coil had failed, melted part of the connecting loom, and blown a fuse. A new ignition coil was installed, and I was on my way.

The next day, the Audi boys came and collected the car, leaving me a nice nearly-new A4 to get around in.

Finally, last night, I went to collect my car. Again. I am glad to say that it has, so far, successfully taken me on two journeys without so much as a splutter. Which is nice.

It was disappointing for something like this to happen within 36 hours of picking up my new car, but I am impressed with the way Audi dealt with the problem. There was never any hesitation about what they were doing, with the number one priority being to get me on the road again with the least disturbance possible. We are just waiting to see what they say about warranty periods, and exactly how happy they want to make me.

Stricken A4


Happy New Year

Happy New Year


Happy new year, everyone. Our night was a relatively quiet affair, with Chinese food, beer (for those of us lucky enough to not be on call) and tea and fruit juice for the not quite so lucky ones (i.e. me). We did top it off with a nice drop of bubbly though (but sshh, don’t tell my boss ;o) )

Did you see the fireworks in London? They were quite amazing – somewhat akin to that national anthem (Brazillian maybe?) that keeps starting again when by all rights it should have finished already. Is the London Eye still due to be dismantled and taken away at some point? It would be a shame as it does seem to make the perfect focal point for lots and lots of coloured explosives. I suppose they could use something like the Millenium Bridge? Or how about the Houses Of Parliament, assuming all precautions would be taken to ensure there were no ‘Gunpowder-plot’ accidents…

And now we are back to work. We have a demo to a potential client coming up, which I’m sure will see my spitting feathers at Excel, but right now I’m working through a couple of 360° reviews – those things where your boss and peers are asked to give frank and full feedback on your performance. They’re grrrrrreat. Honest 🙂

Anyhoo, I should get back to them…