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Month: October 2005

Oh deary deary me

Oh deary deary me

Well well well… I have been slack. The whole of August and September have slipped by without a single entry. In my defence I’d like to point out that I was on holiday for half of August, and away on courses for half of September. (We’ll leave out the fact that the hotel in September had free wifi access, shall we?) It’s the first time I’ve had such a gap in journalling my banal existence since I started this thing two layout-changes ago in early 2002.

Anyhoo, on with the news…

First things first… the rumours are true. In truly unromantic fashion, I asked the lovely Mary to be my wife whilst we were away in Turkey, and the mad fool said yes. No dates as yet – rest assured that I’ll be blogging like normal when we do so it shall make front page news… promise 🙂


And… well, I have other stuff to report but I reckon that’s enough for now :o)

Ooh, except TiddyWiki. I was introduced to this funky little thing by the instructor of one of my courses. It’s very handy for taking notes and the like. Give it a whirl…