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Month: February 2005

Water Drops

Water Drops

I had a play at photographing water droplets last night (that’s droplets as opposed to drops – been there done that). My main conclusions are:

a) I need to get a tripod of my own (and stop sponging off Garry), and
b) I need to sort out some decent lighting – light bulbs just don’t cut it for this kind of stuff…

Anyway – here’s the best picture (imho):

(It’s water sprayed onto a blue CD-R, btw. No post-processing, except crop and resize to make it suitable for a desktop wallpaper)

Meanwhile, the pros have been getting their awards this week over at There are some very, very good pictures there (some of which you can’t help but look at with a heavy heart), and it’s hard to choose a favourite, but these two made me stop and look:

The "Sports Action Stories" 1st prize – it has a strangely surreal quality to it, almost like it’s a picture of a subbuteo set or something.
The "Sports Action Singles" 1st prize – mainly because it made me look at least twice.

But, look at them all – there are some really excellent pictures.

Wow – that’s a bit of a depressing site if you actually get into it, isn’t it? It seems to me that the judges have an obsession with death, or maybe death just makes a good photo – I don’t know. Anyway, how about a picture of a nice fluffy arctic fox and a game of Zuma to cheer you up?

(day after) Birthday boy

(day after) Birthday boy

Yep, yesterday was the 26th anniversary of my birth. We celebrated in style with a quiet lunch at my mum’s pub, followed by a very nice italian meal in the evening, accompanied by friends and family.

This post is all about thankyous really. Thankyou to everyone who made yesterday so enjoyable; in no particular order they are: Mary for spoiling me rotten all day, Harry for coming round eventually, Mum ditto, Dad for the new eyes, Sam for sending Garry out to play, Garry for coming out to play, Anthony for holding it in in the car, Kary for the mindreading pressies, Keith and Jenny for changing plans for me and Ian for knowing my music taste better than I do. Thankyou one and all :o)

Photos from the night are over in the gallery, and as an added treat I’ve been playing with Picasa and created a little slideshow video – it’s 6Mb, and in WMV format, but you can get it here. You know, if you feel the need and all that.

A quiet week

A quiet week

It’s been a quiet week, with illness abound (a migraine at the weekend followed by a dose of the viral infection that has apparently struck most of the county). The weekend’s migraine has been attributed to caffeine, as it came mere hours after the first coffee in a week, and so I am now officially a caffeine-free zone. Well, almost. Coffee is out, as is cola, but tea still makes the odd appearance. Life without tea just doesn’t bear thinking about.

With nothing much else to talk about (erm, let me see, I have done NOTHING this week, although I could probably bore you with the details of some daytime TV), here are some new pictures that I’ve just added to the gallery. The lessons from these are a) I need to practise my manual focusing, and b) I need to remember about upping the ISO rating when using my zoom lens. Anyway… here are the pics:

Ooh, nearly forgot – WELCOME BACK Ian. And about time too – I was getting a bit sick and tired of reading about those bloody striking firemen…