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Month: December 2004

My phone takes pictures, you know

My phone takes pictures, you know

And not only does it take pictures, it also puts amusing frames around them. So without further ado I present to you the one, the only, Anthony ‘RMS’ Hogbin, in full 60s flower-power chic:

Oh, and this caught all of our eyes the other day. It’s the Saturday before Christmas, and the powers that be thought that it would be a wonderful idea to close off a section of the car park and devote it to coaches. Yes, fine… so where were all the bloomin’ coaches then? I doubt they were in the perpetually empty coach park, either.

Anyhoo… Christmas shopping is all just about done, so that’s good. It’s been a bit of a mad dash this year, so I apologise in advance to anyone who gets particularly obvious and/or lame pressies. It’s the thought that counts, and I thought about getting you something nice 🙂

Click, click, down, down, down, down, click, click, click

Click, click, down, down, down, down, click, click, click

[rant topic=”Mobile Phone”]

When I try to send an SMS in a dodgy signal area (such as from my desk at work), it sometimes fails. Well that’s OK – no signal, no SMS, that’s kinda how it works. What isn’t OK is the way the stupid phone deals with a failed SMS. I’m no user-interface expert, but I would have thought a simple “Try again” option would be nice – instead I get a nice little message saying “send failed – message saved in drafts”, and I have to go and navigate through the silly phone’s menu systems to find my message and then try to send it again. It takes 10 clicks of the little joystick thing, rather than the one click a “Try again” option would need.


So, Sony Ericcson (yeah, I know you all read every single one of your customers’ blogs…) how about a nice little firmware patch, just for me? Please? Pretty please? Cos I really like not having a Nokia :o)

(PS – as you’re reading, Mr Sony, can I have another little rubbery sticker thing? Mine’s come off)

(PPS – I’m slightly frightened by the sudden increase in popularity of the Hey Hey 16k song in that Yahoo vote… surely I don’t have THAT many readers? I reckon it’s down to Ant and Mike, myself)

How could I refuse?

How could I refuse?

Regular readers will, no doubt, have seen the comment on the previous entry by none other than Mark Hibbett, the artiste behind the hugely nostalgic and GreatTM Hey Hey 16k. The song is up for a Yahoo award, and I hereby urge everyone to go and vote (you want option 9). As I write this, Hey Hey 16k is trailing the Badger song by about 3000 votes, so that means if everyone who reads this votes a thousand times, it might just about draw level ;o)

(Mark, sorry – I’m afraid my readership can generally be counted without resorting to anything tricky like double figures…)

On to other news – MIKE IS BLOGGING AGAIN! Woohoo! Welcome back, buddy – the world demands more stories involving humourous bodily functions and embarrassing situations. Blog away :o)

At work the long awaited coffee machine has finally arrived and the honeymoon period is progressing well. Dispenser and dispensee are getting along famously, although the office has already decided that the cappucino isn’t that great. I am told tea is quite nice (it’s next on my list to try out), the full strength Italian Roast coffee is an acceptable way to start the day, and the double-pack chococino is suitably sweet and takes the edge off of a long afternoon bug-hunting. We approve.

Finally, here are some more photos from my makeshift studio (i.e. a big piece of black paper blu-takked to the wall in the kitchen). Enjoy.

Pinch, Punch, White Rabbits, Oh Bugger I Need To Do Some Christmas Shopping!!!