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Month: September 2004

Someone is looking down on me…

Someone is looking down on me…


I went to the pub last night. After a quick game of jukebox-bingo, a non-regular went to put some ‘choonz’ on. I made a point of looking at the jukebox just so that I don’t ever accidentally buy the complete and utter tripe that he put on. I even made notes. The worst offenders were ‘bands’ [sic] called ‘DMX’, ‘Special D’ and ‘DJ Casper’. Each to their own and all that, but come on. If you want to listen to that kind of rubbish go and put it on in your 1 litre XR3i lookalike. Grrr. (Is now a good time to admit that I listen to Radio 2 and Radio 4 because Radio 1 just plays noise? When did I turn 40?)


I received some interesting spam this morning. Not your usual ‘cheap software’ or ‘cheap drugs’ kind of thing. This one is about ‘cheap bombs’. And I quote:

You’re invited to shop for large selection of bombs and different kinds of rockets such as surface-to-air, surface-to-surface and weaponry available at reduced price. With the following types of rockets you will be able to commit terrorist attacks, destroy buildings, electric power stations, bridges, factories and anything else that comes your mind.

Two seemingly separate events. But mix ’em together and you have a whole lotta fun… :o)

What’s new pussycat?

What’s new pussycat?

You may remember a rant or two about last season’s FA Cup Semi-Final (Man Utd vs Arsenal at Villa Park). Diabolical organisation, no parking, no delayed kickoff despite a half empty ground… More detail from me here and Kary here.

Well, common sense seems to be having its day, as this year Semis and the Final will all be played at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, scene of last year’s much (much) more enjoyable Charity Community Shield.

(And note that Man Utd won both of these games, so my hindsight isn’t tainted)

The only downside is that it means an extra couple of sets of fans will descend on the good people of Cardiff brandishing air horns and showing off their bad Tom Jones impressions… never mind, eh? :o)

Sabre-toothed phone

Sabre-toothed phone

se_k700i.jpgThere comes a time in every man’s life when he looks down at his trusty mobile phone and thinks “You’re getting a bit long in the tooth. In fact, you’re kind of a sabre-toothed phone now, ready to be put out to pasture for the few final years that your circuits remain intact.”

And so it was with heavy heart that I took myself along to the local phone shop and said “upgrade me!”.

Or, back in the real world, my Orange SPV had been really getting on my proverbials, and I jumped at the first chance to get rid of the thing.

It’s not that it’s a bad phone. Well, actually, yes it is. It’s all very clever being based on Windows CE, and being able to use all the mobile office apps, and Mobile MSN Messenger, and all those games, but when push came to shove, the thing didn’t actually work as a phone. When I want to make a call, I want to make a call now, not when the phone’s timeslicing algorithm deems fit to devote enough CPU time to the UI to acknowledge my button presses. This is even more frustrating when I have an incoming call – the phone is ringing, I’m pounding on the ‘Accept call’ button, and the phone is helpfully displaying its equivalent of the hour glass… “Please wait”. Grrrr.

Oh and then there was the time when I ran out of SMS memory. Admittedly, I had never ever deleted a received or sent SMS, so I should probably shoulder some of the blame, but, well, I think the ‘recovery’ process could do with some work. You see, I was only alerted to the fact that I was running a bit low on memory just after the point that the phone became unusable because of lack of memory. Key presses took literally minutes to register, and getting a list of messages to delete was beyond a joke. The ‘recovery’ process? A reformat. Yep, that’s right… I had to reformat (ok, reflash) my phone to get it working again. Sigh.

Anyway. Enough remonstrations – on to the future. My new phone is a Sony Ericsson K700i (again from Orange). And, to put it simply, it’s nice to have a phone again. It makes calls. It sends texts. It’s bijou and petite. It looks quite nice. Best of all, when it runs out of room for texts, it just pops up a little window asking you if you want to delete some. That, in my book, makes it a winner.

The K700i also has an OK camera on the back (examples here), Bluetooth which works (even with Microsoft’s Keyboard and Mouse Dongle with a bit of fiddling), a working J2ME environment (now to find a use), and, well, it’s nice.

I’m sure I’m still in the honeymoon period though… I seem to remember being pretty enamoured with the SPV when I first got it, too…



OK, OK. In a blatant attempt to ensure that I don’t have consecutive posts extolling Greebo’s virtues, I’m blogging. And so help me I’m gonna blog like I’ve never blogged before… or something like that.

penicillin.gifLast week was fun. My throat became a veritable battleground of red and greyness. For quite some time the Reds held most of the strategically important areas (those most visited by passing food and water, and thereby causing greatest discomfort for me), but then the Greys began to take hold, goading the Reds with chants of “We hurt more! We hurt more!”. By the end of the week, though, the blue-bereted peace-keeping forces of penicillin began to reign supreme, and I found myself swallowing without wincing and able to sleep more than an hour at a time.

(In other words, I had tonsilitis, and spent much of the week catching up on missed sleep from the night before. Back at work now, though, with just a lingering sore throat at times.)

Doctors are great, aren’t they? In fact, yes they are. The bit I don’t like about going to see them is all those nasty ill people. Especially those nasty ill people that turn up late for their appointment and still get to see the doctor before me. Grrr. There should be some kind of attendance register. Late for your appointment? Well, tough, you can go to the back of the queue. And people like me who have insanely common ailments should be able to use some kind of ‘fast lane’ thing, like a drive through. “Yes, I’d like a cheeseburger (easy on the gherkins), strawberry milkshake, and a course of penicillin, please… thankyou bye!”

Anyway… I’d best end my lunch break, so I’ll sign off with news that (some) pictures of that trip to Howletts, and of Harry’s 4th birthday are online. (That last set complement Anthony’s set, which are infinitely better, seeing as they were taken with an actual camera, not a phone…)